Cayetano Ferrer – Camouflaged Boxes

Camouflaged Cardboard Boxes is the latest installation from urban prankster artist, Cayetano Ferrer. The series of installation’s see’s Ferrer’s take on street art with cardboard boxes being set down around random locations and painted to blend in with their surroundings. The detail on the boxes and the way they blend in perfectly with the surroundings which have been picked is amazing and something I haven’t seen before. These are some of the camouflaged cardboard box creations: Images from: ( reading Cayetano Ferrer – Camouflaged Boxes

Wallpaper Dumpsters

I am a huge fan of guerrilla gardening, or any form of art which makes communities and discarded or ‘ugly’ structures look beautiful, so this project immediately caught my attention. Wallpaper dumpsters are the brainchild of artist Christine Finley who believes the decorative dumpsters are ‘polite graffiti’, which I think is a great way of summing up her work. They are starting to appear in a number of places, such as New York, Los Angeles and Rome and Finley is aiming to wallpaper dumpsters and rubbish receptacles in various cities throughout Europe in 2010. You can’t deny that these made-over dumpsters look a … Continue reading Wallpaper Dumpsters

Little people in the city

After spending ages in Magma today pondering over which books/magazines to purchase I decided to just get Creative Review and leave, but whilst in the queue I spotted something which caught my eye…’Little People in the City’ – The Street art of Slinkachu, and without having time to look inside I decided to take a chance and make the purchase, and i’m sooo glad I did. Slinkachu is a street artist  who for several years has been making tiny models and then leaving them in different scenarios on the city streets to ‘fend for themselves’. The whole book reminds me of when I was … Continue reading Little people in the city