McDonalds Coffee Promotion

This is a really eye-catching outdoor promotion from McDonald’s to promote their coffee. Instead of just a bogstandard static image they used a steam machine which was built to fit inside the bus stop, this steam machine let out steam at random stages throughout the day to reveal a message during a free coffee promotion at McDonald’s. During the current chilly climate this is a really successful way of promotion as it really does give you a craving for coffee! Advertisements Continue reading McDonalds Coffee Promotion

Fuck the Rain

I actually love the promotional photograph for this more than I actually like the product which it is promoting. The promotion is for the Fuck the Rain Umbrella and the main thing which caught my eye was this coool photograph showing the product in use, from the rains point of view! A really original photograph story, instead of just a generic product shot. ( Fuck the Rain umbrella itself: Continue reading Fuck the Rain