Virtual Internet City

Visual City, designed by korean-born media artist Sang Un Jeon, is a physical visualization of the current topography of the world wide web, interfaced to a keyboard (‘where the interaction of the virtual and real world  takes place’, jeon explains).

‘Reflecting on how much of our time is spent on the internet, jeon represented each of several major websites with a real-world building whose height reflects the estimated unique monthly visitors of that service provider. twitter with its 250 million unique views becomes the new museum in manhattan, NY, while ebay’s 88 million translates to the more conservative grand central terminal. topping the list is google, whose 900 million views make it the world trade center, while facebook (750 million) becomes the empire state building and wikipedia (350 million) the gherkin building in london.’ Quoted from (


Butter! Better!

This is a pretty cool concept idea I came across on The Dieline which is a re-design of the classic disposable butter containers and solves the problem of having to find a knife when you are out and about.

This is the idea behind the concept –

‘Whenever we eat bread, at a picnic, in a cafe or on an airplane, we usually use disposable butter. I replaced its ordinary container lid with a wooden, knife shaped one. This way butter can be easily and quickly spread. Butter! Better! has 4 flavors which allow the user to make a choice, just as he would chose his favorite ice-cream. This container is not only easy and fast to use but also it makes daily routine of spreading butter more fun and exciting.’

Reading Tray

I found this whilst looking on and thought it was pretty cool, it’s a multi-tasking reading tray from Yu-hun Kim, a designer and artist who has currently finished the second degree of Product and Furniture Design course at Kingston University in London. The designer states that the reading tray has a book slot under the place. The form was inspired by people’s behaviour that people hold a binding part of book. The flat top is used as a tray that has a mark for a cup as well as covers a book during eating.” This concept works really well, as in todays society everybody seems to be rushing and needing to multi-task and this idea fits in perfectly with that need for speed and convenience.

Yu-hun Kim 1

Yu-hun Kim 2

Yu-hun Kim 3


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