Mulberry does Glastonbury!

To celebrate the launch of Glastonbury festival photographer Venetia Dearden’s book of imagery entitled Glastonbury Another Stage Mulberry’s flagship London store has been transformed for an exhibition of her work, and it looks rather cool…but would we expect anything less from Mulberry?!   The book which was part-funded by Mulberry includes pages and pages (386 to be precise)  of great photographs from every aspect of the Glastonbury festival, including crowds, caravans, food stalls, mud, and most importantly…the people!! The imagery of people from the festival spans over the last 6 years and is all shot in a white photographic studio … Continue reading Mulberry does Glastonbury!

Matt Stuart

I am a huge fan of street and documentary photography so instantly loved Matt Stuart’s work, as it incorporates both of these aspects aswell as the all important sense of humour! Matt Stuart is a photographer from London whose images capture moments which would often go unnoticed and would pass by without a second glimpse. Talking about his work he says – “I am not sure which came first, being nosey or an interest in ‘street photography’, but a fascination with people and the way they live their lives is why I enjoy the business so much.” These photographs are … Continue reading Matt Stuart

Matthew Albanese – Strange New Worlds

I came across Matthew Albanese’s work today whilst on the Behance website and at first thought his photographs were pretty cool…only then to read further about his work and realise they aren’t actually photographs of nature and landscapes, but models which he has created and photographed. They really are amazing! Albanese constructs small-scale meticulously detailed models using a variety of objects such as paprika, wool, nylon and faux fur to create emotive and truly realistic landscapes Each aspect of his work is painstakingly pre-planned so that it looks realistic for the viewer when photographed. His work is truly inspiring and the time and effort he has taken in construsting … Continue reading Matthew Albanese – Strange New Worlds