Lee Skinny Jeans

Being a huge fan of package design this campaign from Lee caught my eye! In their aim to be the brand to go to for skinny jeans they have created pretty unique packaging for each pair of jeans sold. The ‘skinny bags’ aren’t only the perfect shape bag for a pair of skinny jeans but a great form of promotion for the brand…letting other consumers know exactly what you have bought and where from. The bags are also a great in-store visual merchandising tool and talking point.



Hanger Tea

Designer Soon Mo Kang has created this cool package design idea for teabags, Hanger Tee, as an alternative to sticking you finger into a boiling cup of tea to fish out the string. The teabags come packaged in a wardrobe style box and are shaped like T-Shirts with hangers attached, meaning that they can be hung on the rim of your cup of tea.



Chanel Popcorn and Designer Food Packaging

I would eat popcorn every single day if it came packaged like this!!

Image from – http://insideout.topshop.com/blog/2009/12/wheres-ours.html

I also spotted these images below on The Cool Hunter website, how much nicer does food look when it is in designer packaging, if only the likes of Hermes and Chanel made food!