Get Up NY – Instagram

Get Up NY is a social media driven street art campaign by an anonymous American group. Focusing on our current obsession with Instagram, the group creates posters from users Instagram images, pasting them near to where the image was taken. The intention of the campaign is to offer a retrospective look at the location from the users point of view.

Any Instagram users wanting to have the chance of their images being used in the campaign are encouraged to hashtag their posts with #GetUpNY or email

Below are some of my favourites from Get Up NY – head over to their Instagram page to view more from their campaign.








The Ghosts of Google Street View

Street Ghosts is an art instillation project by Paolo Cirio who aims to highlight the notion of publicly displayed but privately-held data. Stating ‘In this project, I exposed the specters of Google’s eternal realm of private, misappropriated data: the bodies of people captured by Google’s Street View cameras, whose ghostly, virtual presence I marked in Street Art fashion at the precise spot in the real world where they were photographed.’

Once Cirio has selected a subject and location he then prints the image in colour on to thin papaer, cuts it out and affixes it to the wall of the building in the precise spot where they appear in the Google Street View image using wheatpaste.

Check out the links below each image to see the original on Google Street View.


Google Street View Location

Google Street View Location 

Google Street View Location