Umbro Go Faster

I’m never usually a big fan of sport related advertising, despite working for a huge sport fashion retailer, but recently Umbro’s campaigns have really caught my eye. I came across their latest advertising campaign for their fastest and lightest ever football boot weighing just 238grams on Love Creative‘s blog (the agency who does a lot of their marketing campaigns…and are amazing may I add). The Love Creative Blog describes the pop art inspiration behind the campaign as being ‘partly to do with the fast-consumerism, instant everything-ness of modern youth and partly to do with the ‘pop’ colours of the boot itself. Illustration by … Continue reading Umbro Go Faster

Benetton – It’s My Time

Benetton has always been a pioneer in marketing and advertising, pushing the boundaries on taste and causing controversy with many of their advertisements. The former creative director  Toscani  is famously known for making the brand into the controversial and cutting-edge company which it is today, he ended up leaving the company in 2000 after he overstepped the mark by using American death row inmates in one of the campaigns. ‘It’s not hard to conclude that, without Toscani at the helm, Benetton’s corporate image is a shadow of what it once was’ was a verdict of the situation by Creative Review in 2006. Their latest campaign, … Continue reading Benetton – It’s My Time