The Tutor Crowd: Making Bad Graffiti, Better…

Offering free English tuition, the Tutor Crowd decided to spread their message by correcting misspelled graffiti across London.

Taken near the South Bank, London. Talk to The Tutor Crowd.

Taken in Camden, London. Talk to The Tutor Crowd.

Taken near Shadwell, London. Talk to The Tutor Crowd.

Taken in Aldgate, London. Talk to The Tutor Crowd.


The Ghosts of Google Street View

Street Ghosts is an art instillation project by Paolo Cirio who aims to highlight the notion of publicly displayed but privately-held data. Stating ‘In this project, I exposed the specters of Google’s eternal realm of private, misappropriated data: the bodies of people captured by Google’s Street View cameras, whose ghostly, virtual presence I marked in Street Art fashion at the precise spot in the real world where they were photographed.’

Once Cirio has selected a subject and location he then prints the image in colour on to thin papaer, cuts it out and affixes it to the wall of the building in the precise spot where they appear in the Google Street View image using wheatpaste.

Check out the links below each image to see the original on Google Street View.


Google Street View Location

Google Street View Location 

Google Street View Location 

Mulberry does Glastonbury!

To celebrate the launch of Glastonbury festival photographer Venetia Dearden’s book of imagery entitled Glastonbury Another Stage Mulberry’s flagship London store has been transformed for an exhibition of her work, and it looks rather cool…but would we expect anything less from Mulberry?!


The book which was part-funded by Mulberry includes pages and pages (386 to be precise)  of great photographs from every aspect of the Glastonbury festival, including crowds, caravans, food stalls, mud, and most importantly…the people!! The imagery of people from the festival spans over the last 6 years and is all shot in a white photographic studio which Venetia Dearden set up in various parts of the festival.

Speaking of the project Dearden says – “I decided to create an oasis amongst the crowds where I could meet and document some of the thousands of individuals who travelled from all around the world to make up this vast, eclectic gathering.”


Construct (a London-based design studio) also created the Mulberry campaign concept Peace Love Mud which ties in with the 40th anniversary of Glastonbury and with the launch of Dearden’s book – which comes in this rather fetching Peace Love Mud Mulberry canvas bag:

Mulberry’s flagship store is currently exhibiting images from the book and in homage to this has given the store a rather quirky festival feel, with the inclusion of a tent with a selection of Dearden’s festival images projected onto the canvas, and bales of coloured ‘straw’ add to the outdoor illusion with a cool Mulberry twist…which also in-turn work as VM displays for Mulberry product. As well as kitting out the store with a festival feel Mulberry are also giving customers a pack of oversized postcards of imagery from the book and a pack of special badges and stickers too…you have to love Mulberry!!


Unpackaged is a grocery store in London which began its life as a market stall in 2006. The stores unique selling point is not only that it just stocks organic food, it also has no packaging whatsoever and encourages other retailers to do the same. In our current environmental climate there are ridiculous amounts of packaging going into landfill sites all over the world and it is only consumers and retailers who can put a stop to this. The Unpackaged shop has a cool, clean design and sells a huge choice of organic products including whole foods, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, fruit, veg and what-not, as well as refillable oils, vinegar and wines. The store also encourages you to bring in your own containers which will save you 50p each time you shop!

Unpackaged, London

Unpackaged, London

Unpackaged, London

Unpackaged, London

Unpackaged, London


This is definitely the route more grocery shops should go down! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of packaging (more in the sense of creativity and artwork than practicality), but who seriously needs a vacuum packed cabbage, or plastic packaging for a carrot…they come from the dirt so why not sell them that way. And you have to admit, how much nicer do vegetables look in the way which this store displays them!

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