Mulberry does Glastonbury!

To celebrate the launch of Glastonbury festival photographer Venetia Dearden’s book of imagery entitled Glastonbury Another Stage Mulberry’s flagship London store has been transformed for an exhibition of her work, and it looks rather cool…but would we expect anything less from Mulberry?!   The book which was part-funded by Mulberry includes pages and pages (386 to be precise)  of great photographs from every aspect of the Glastonbury festival, including crowds, caravans, food stalls, mud, and most importantly…the people!! The imagery of people from the festival spans over the last 6 years and is all shot in a white photographic studio … Continue reading Mulberry does Glastonbury!


Unpackaged is a grocery store in London which began its life as a market stall in 2006. The stores unique selling point is not only that it just stocks organic food, it also has no packaging whatsoever and encourages other retailers to do the same. In our current environmental climate there are ridiculous amounts of packaging going into landfill sites all over the world and it is only consumers and retailers who can put a stop to this. The Unpackaged shop has a cool, clean design and sells a huge choice of organic products including whole foods, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, herbs and … Continue reading Unpackaged