Lee Never Wasted Carrier Bag

This bag from Lee is possibly one of the coolest and most ingenious carrier bags I have seen in quite a while…maybe even ever. With most brands now going eco-friendly with their carrier bags, Lee have gone a step in a slightly cooler direction by making their bags reusable in a load of different ways. The bag’s creation add’s a fun element to their message of being eco-friendly and is a lot more inventive than a lot of their competitors and other retailers solutions. Instead of listing each way the bag can be reused it is easier to just show … Continue reading Lee Never Wasted Carrier Bag

Lee Skinny Jeans

Being a huge fan of package design this campaign from Lee caught my eye! In their aim to be the brand to go to for skinny jeans they have created pretty unique packaging for each pair of jeans sold. The ‘skinny bags’ aren’t only the perfect shape bag for a pair of skinny jeans but a great form of promotion for the brand…letting other consumers know exactly what you have bought and where from. The bags are also a great in-store visual merchandising tool and talking point.   Continue reading Lee Skinny Jeans