Mini Cooper Guerrilla Marketing

Mini Cooper have launched a pretty cool guerrilla marketing campaign which can be seen on the streets of Amsterdam, which is definitely made a lot more successful due to the campaign’s Christmas timing.  Mini have placed huge car sized cardboard boxes on rubbish heaps around the city with a Mini Cooper image on the front and the words ‘Mini Cooper’ in large letters, complete with torn gift wrapping. Making it look like a car has been packaged inside and now discarded once the contents have been removed. It really does make a pretty eye-catching advertisement!




Guerilla Gardening

Guerilla Gardening is in no way a new trend…the earliest record of the term goes back to 1973, however, it has massively taken off in recent years with people becoming more environmentally friendly and caring more about the world around them, including the aesthetics. Guerilla Gardening is the direct action in  reclaiming land which is neglected or misused and assigning a new purpose to it, such as growing crops or plants. Some guerrilla gardeners carry out their ‘gardening’ at night, in relative secrecy and others prefer to work more openly during the day – seeking to engage with other people. Whatever way they go about it, there is no denying that they are making the places where we live a hell of a lot more beautiful, they are doing it in their own time and paying for their own seeds and produce…it really does make you want to get involved when you see the outcome of their time and effort.

Guerilla Gardening 2008 by sidselbech.

The best website to look at regarding Guerilla Gardening is – – it shows loads of ways to get involved and cool projects which have taken place around the world. Guerilla Gardening has become so on-trend recently and ‘fashionable’ that even Vogue US did an editorial on it for their November 2009 issue called – ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good’ with a small write up on the trend. The night time editorial saw the model attempting to turn a concrete city into an urban oasis, as the images below show:



Vogue 1

Vogue 2

Guerilla Advertising

I am a hugeee fan of guerilla advertising and believe that its something a lot more companies should do to attract their intended target market, especially a younger consumer, as even the most boring of companies can be made ‘cool’ and attract a lot of brand awareness. Loadsss of companies are doing it these days, and some of my fave’s are shown below:

Burger King Promotion:

guerilla marketing

guerilla marketing

A billboard advertisement for vacuum cleaners:


Seafood Restaurant Promotion:


Anti-Smoking Sticker Ad:



Guerrilla Advertising - Creative Attention Seeking - Nikon

Quicksilver Halfpipe Bus stop:

guerilla marketingguerilla marketing

Mini Advert in men’s toilets:mini


These are only a few of my favourite guerilla marketing ad’s, I pretty much like every single one out there, to see more just go on Google or Flickr, there are loads about…and hopefully lots more to come 🙂