Tiny World in a Bottle

The  “Tiny World in a Bottle” project on Etsy instantly caught my eye due to my huge interest in anything miniature. Japanese artist Akinobu Izumi is the creator behind the project who creates miniature worlds within small glass bottles (H 22m / 0.9 inches, D 12mm / 0.5 inches). These miniature worlds depict scenes from a safari, underwater divers and flag football.

Lots of animals in safari, some are drinking water in a tiny bottle

Apatosaurus / Brontosaurus at a museum in a tiny bottle

Mantas and a diver are in a tiny bottle

Flag Football players in a tiny bottle

All of the above bottles and more can be purchased at: www.etsy.com/shop/tinyworldinabottle (Prices vary between bottles)

You can also follow Akinobu Izumi on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/TinyWorldBottle


Etsy Website

After stumbling across the Etsy website recently I am now addicted! Etsy is a website launched back in 2005 and their mission is to enable people to make a living making things and then selling the products on their website. The Etsy website sells a huge range of  handmade and vintage products, including art, photography, clothing, jewellery and beauty products, and is a bit of a mix between eBay and your grandma’s attic! There are so many unique quirky products on there, so it really is worth a look.

These are a few of my favourites:

Miniature Spoon Necklace - PREORDER
(Miniature Spoon Necklace)
Fais de Beaux Reves pillow
(Fais de Beaux Reves Pillow)
Vintage 1970's Camel Wool Hat
(Vintage 70’s Camel Wool Hat)
Be Mine Valentine... A 1930s Day Dress with the Most Whimsical Heart Print Ever
(1930’s Whimsical Heart Dress)
These are just a selected few of my favourite pieces from the site…you seriously could spend hours on there!