Painting with Lego

Created by 19 year old animator and artist Jon Rolph, the animated film titled Paint sees him recreate a Mondrian painting using Lego. Shot from above and apparently taking 250 hours to complete it features beautifully animated Lego paint splats and Lego brushstrokes.

Speaking of his work, Rolph says:  “I had the idea for the film about five years ago, but never the time to make it a reality until last year. I started working properly on it in October.”The painting action was the most challenging aspect to animate. Achieving the smooth motion of the hand while replacing the Lego ‘paint’ pieces was very difficult, especially as I was shooting ‘blind’ (without stop-motion animation software). In these sections I had to animate my hands separately, then edit the frames together in post as it was simply too difficult to keep my left hand in the same position for the full shot.”


lego 1

lego 2

lego 3


What if Superman was born in the sixteenth century?

Super Flemish is the latest series by French photographer Sacha Goldberger, the idea being science fiction meets history of art. Sacha crosses superheroes and Star Wars characters with Flemish painting and fashion of the Elizabethan era.  The collection demonstrates the use of 17 century techniques counterpointing light and shadow to illustrate nobility and fragility of the super powerful of all times.

Speaking of his work Sacha says, “The superheroes often live their lives cloaked in anonymity. These portraits give them a chance to fix their narcissism denied. By the temporal disturbance they produce, these images allow us to discover, under the patina of time, an unexpected melancholy of those who are to be invincible…As science fiction meets history of art, time meets an inexhaustible desire for mythology which is within each of us.”




Star Wars

The Joker

Nishi Building: Suspended Ceiling

The Japanese-inspired Nishi Building in Canberra, Australia was recently completed by Australian firm March Studio. The building which is billed as “Australia’s most radically sustainable mixed-use building and apartment complex,” with one of the main features being the amazing stairwell and ceiling, constructed from thousands of repurposed boards taken from old homes, a basketball court, as well as remnants from the construction site of the Nishi building itself. Every single board and suspension rod was designed and placed before construction began.

Nishi 1

Nishi 2

Nishi 3

Nishi 4

Bandiz Studio: Thematic Posters

Based in Madrid, Bandiz Design Studio focuses on art direction, graphic design, photograph and print design.

Their most recent project plays homage to a selection of TV Series that they couldn’t stay away from; including Breaking Bad, Dexter, Lost, Mad Men and Homeland. Each of the five thematic posters is based on typographical cuts of paper and cardboard set against the characteristic elements and moods of the series.

My personal favorite from the series would have to be the Dexter poster, after recently completed an 8 season Netflix marathon and still struggling with the thought of it all being over. Closely followed by Breaking Bad – of course!

Homeland 1

Dexter 1

Breaking Bad 1

Lost 1WIP 2WIP 1

Final 1

200,000 Piece Lego Sculpture

Created by Mike Doyle, a New York based graphic designer, the 200,000 piece Lego sculpture that aims to celebrate “the beauty of all intelligent life forms as extensions of our family”. Measuring more than 5′ high and 6′ wide the sculpture depicts that of a great choir hall.

Image of Check Out This 200,000 Piece LEGO Sculpture

Image of Check Out This 200,000 Piece LEGO Sculpture

Image of Check Out This 200,000 Piece LEGO Sculpture


Folded Book Art

Luciana Frigerio is a photographer from Vermont whose interest in making things with paper has led to her amazing folded book art sculptures. These are created by carefully folding each page of the book to create anything from names and dates, to hearts and stars. All of which can be purchased at her Etsy shop

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