Matthew Albanese – Strange New Worlds

I came across Matthew Albanese’s work today whilst on the Behance website and at first thought his photographs were pretty cool…only then to read further about his work and realise they aren’t actually photographs of nature and landscapes, but models which he has created and photographed. They really are amazing! Albanese constructs small-scale meticulously detailed models using a variety of objects such as paprika, wool, nylon and faux fur to create emotive and truly realistic landscapes Each aspect of his work is painstakingly pre-planned so that it looks realistic for the viewer when photographed. His work is truly inspiring and the time and effort he has taken in construsting … Continue reading Matthew Albanese – Strange New Worlds

L Filipe dos Santos

L Filipe dos Santos was born in Portugal in 1978 and began drawing at the age of 16 as an escape from living in a rural environment (this is all I have managed to find out about him so far). I discovered these sketches by him on Behance and thought they were pretty cool, he put paint in between two pages in a notebook and then closes the book to create an array of different paint shapes, which he then uses as inspiration for his sketches.     Continue reading L Filipe dos Santos