Painting with Lego

Created by 19 year old animator and artist Jon Rolph, the animated film titled Paint sees him recreate a Mondrian painting using Lego. Shot from above and apparently taking 250 hours to complete it features beautifully animated Lego paint splats and Lego brushstrokes.

Speaking of his work, Rolph says:  “I had the idea for the film about five years ago, but never the time to make it a reality until last year. I started working properly on it in October.”The painting action was the most challenging aspect to animate. Achieving the smooth motion of the hand while replacing the Lego ‘paint’ pieces was very difficult, especially as I was shooting ‘blind’ (without stop-motion animation software). In these sections I had to animate my hands separately, then edit the frames together in post as it was simply too difficult to keep my left hand in the same position for the full shot.”


lego 1

lego 2

lego 3


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