Ball Point Pen Art – Samuel Silva

Drawn by Portugal-based attorney Samuel Silva, the below images have all been created using standard ballpoint pens, with come pieces taking up to 50 hours to complete.

Silva, who started sketching when he was two, said: ‘I started developing my own style of ballpoint pen drawing back when I was in school, in simple classroom sketches in the back of my exercise books’.

Like a photo: Portugal-based attorney Samuel Silva, 29, describes his art as a hobby

Speaking about his picture of a Sumatran tiger, which took around 20 hours to finish, Silva said: 'This one is wild, that's why I love it.'

On this piece, Silva said: 'Originally I intended to spend 100 hours with this, and still I never spent so many hours with any drawing, in the end impatience won and I'll not work on this one anymore.'

The painting Girl with a Pearl Earring is one of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer's masterworks, but Silva copied it using ballpoint


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