Tiny World in a Bottle

The  “Tiny World in a Bottle” project on Etsy instantly caught my eye due to my huge interest in anything miniature. Japanese artist Akinobu Izumi is the creator behind the project who creates miniature worlds within small glass bottles (H 22m / 0.9 inches, D 12mm / 0.5 inches). These miniature worlds depict scenes from a safari, underwater divers and flag football.

Lots of animals in safari, some are drinking water in a tiny bottle

Apatosaurus / Brontosaurus at a museum in a tiny bottle

Mantas and a diver are in a tiny bottle

Flag Football players in a tiny bottle

All of the above bottles and more can be purchased at: www.etsy.com/shop/tinyworldinabottle (Prices vary between bottles)

You can also follow Akinobu Izumi on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/TinyWorldBottle


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