Dear Photograph

This photography idea is a lot like the Looking Into The Past project I posted a while back…but none the less, it is still a great idea. Dear Photograph is a site where anyone is able to upload their images of  ‘a picture in the past in the present’.

Dear Photograph,<br />
Our wedding was our sweetest day, just like Grandma’s chocolate.Onno 

Dear Photograph,<br />
My son hit a triple. He’s all grown up now with 2 children and 1 on the way.Love Mom

Dear Photograph,Oh, how the views change.Suzanne Danziger

Dear Photograph,<br />
Grandpa loved the outdoors. But he loved us more.Pam Dusbabek

Dear Photograph,<br />
I’ll always remember my first fish.<br />
Brian Thurman


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