Owen Glidersleeve

While browsing FFFOUND today I came across the work of Owen Glidersleeve, he is a designer and illustrator based in London whose work explores both 2D and 3D styles. He graduated from The University of Brighton in 2008, and has since worked for a range of international clients, including The TATE, The Guardian, The New York Times and WIRED. Glidersleeve’s 2D and 3D work involves experimenting with new materials and techniques to give each piece a unique look.

These are a few of my favorites:

You’ll Laugh and Cry – The Guardian

To coincide with the release of A-Level results, The Guardian released ‘The Fresher’; a guide for new students. Glidersleeve was asked to design a full-page advert for the guide and the image above was the result, it is a large multi-layered papercut piece, with a couple of additional 3D elements and is probably one of my favourite pieces. Having been to university myself…like so many other people, I can relate so much to what the text says.


Cutting Taxes – Money Magazine

A multi-layered papercut illustration which was created for Money Magazine. It was made using a range of US tax forms, to accompany a feature article on how to cut your taxes…what a cool way of making a story on cutting taxes look visually appealing.

Back to School – Fast Company Magazine

The mixed-media image below was designed for a front-of-book calendar section of Fast Company Magazine’s September issue. The different materials used all relate to elements of being at school giving the image such a relevant and emotive look.



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