Burberry Art of the Trench

Burberry has launched a social networking site which celebrates its iconic trench coat. The Art of the Trench (www.artofthetrench.com) is a living document of the people around the world who wear the trench coat and is a collaboration between Burberry and some of the world’s greatest photographers, as well as participation from the world’s creative community. Visitors to the site are also invited to submit images of themselves or friends wearing the trench coat which Burberry will regularly look through and upload their favourites to the site.

For the site’s launch, Burberry creative director Christopher Bailey commissioned a collection of photographs of trench wearers around the world taken by photographer Scott Schuman – The Sartorialist, especially for the site…seeing all these photographs just makes me want a Burberry trench coat even more!

These are some of my favourite photographs from the site:

Burberry Trench 1

Burberry Trench 2

Burberry Trench 3

 Burberry Trench 4

Burberry Trench 5

Gawd I love the Burberry trench coat!! 🙂


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