This is in no way a new website and has a huge number of visitors…even making the’s list of 50 Best Websites 2009 list. However, I only just discovered it today and thought it was pretty cool! Buying a magazine only to find out that there was one article in it that actually interested me seems to be a regular occurence, and that is why this site is pretty unique. Issuu ( allows for customizable viewing of digitally uploaded material, such as portfolios, books, magazine issues, newspapers, and other print media. It gives pretty much everyone the chance to publish their own work; ‘in just a few seconds users can create beautiful digital editions simply by uploading their publications’, which can then be viewed online and even saved to view later. My favourite aspect of the site is the magazines on it, there is a massive variety for every intrest you may have! My favourite so far is:

Glossy Magazine -Fashion,Style, Celebrity and Pop Culture

Glossy Magazine 1

Glossy Magazine 

(Flick to page 123 for gorgeous illustrations from illustrators inclusing Danny Roberts, Jacklyn Laryea and Pip Mcmanus)



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