Niki Pilkington

Flicking through some magazines in WHSmiths today I spotted some images from fashion illustrator Niki Pilkington and instantly loved her work. She graduated from Ravensbourne Academy of Design and Communication with a First Class Ba (Hons) Degree : Fashion Promotion/Illustration and has since been featured in Le Cool and The Cut Magazine, as well as exhibitions at Wah Magazine, Nowhere North Gallery and The Rhythm Factory…to name a few. Her work is a fresh take on documenting street style, with so many people now taking photographs of people on the street in every city of every country…it is quite refreshing to see illustrations instead of photo’s.

Niki Pilkington - 1

Niki Pilkington - 2

Niki Pilkington - 3

 Niki Pilkington - 4


Niki Pilkington - 5




There are sooo many gorgeous illustrations by Niki Pilkington and her blog and website also state that she take’s on all sorts of jobs with different sizes & formats, whether it be sets of greeting cards, limited prints, editorial illustrations or full length portraits of yourself or others…so it really is worth getting in touch with her pretty early on in her career and getting a piece of work, as I am predicting she will become massive. Check her website out for yourself at:  her blog


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