Little people in the city

After spending ages in Magma today pondering over which books/magazines to purchase I decided to just get Creative Review and leave, but whilst in the queue I spotted something which caught my eye…’Little People in the City’ – The Street art of Slinkachu, and without having time to look inside I decided to take a chance and make the purchase, and i’m sooo glad I did. Slinkachu is a street artist  who for several years has been making tiny models and then leaving them in different scenarios on the city streets to ‘fend for themselves’. The whole book reminds me of when I was younger and my nanna used to put fairy dolls at the bottom of her garden and take us out at night to look at them, sometimes she brought them inside and when we asked why they didn’t move she would tell us that they didn’t like the light…this led to both of my brothers and I believing in fairies for half of our childhood life…I think it’s just that fact that we all find something magical about the thought of tiny little people living in our world,  like those from Gulliver’s Travels or The Borrowers.

Anyways, back to Slinkachu – When talking about his work he says: “I prefer work that isn’t thrust in your face. There is a high chance that my installations may never be found. My scenes are made with tiny models and left hidden away on city streets, so they may be lost. But that’s what I like about them…Outdoor art always has an element of surprise because you have to search it out. People often recognise the locations on my website and try to find the work, but it will probably have been washed or kicked away by the time they get there. My main hope is that people will stumble across my art and not know anything about it in advance.” I love Slinkachu’s ethos of work and the fact that he isn’t forcing it upon us like many other street artists, imaging not knowing of his work and just coming across it as you are walking down the street…there is something quite magical about that! I have become a massive fan of street art in recent years and after purchasing his book today I would definitely say that Slinkachu is a new favourite of mine!


They’re Not Pets Susan – Primrose Hill, London 2007

Cash Machine, Hammersmith, London 2007

Manhole Swimming, Ravenscourt Park, London 2007
Spare Some Change, Hammersmith, London 2007
Terror Alert, Shoreditch, London 2007
For more work by Slinkachu visit his blog –, or go buy his book – Little People in the City!

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