Camera’s get bold!

It looks like camera designers are starting to move away from the classic black cases which are synonymous with most brand’s and turning towards bold multicoloured designs. Such as these two below from the Lemographic Society and Pentax – the first one is the Diana F+ CMYK, the latest addition to the retro-styled range of the 1960’s camera’s from the Lemographic Society.  The second one is the Pentax K-x special edition colourway which is inspired by the so-called Kore Ja Nai robo toy (as shown next to the camera). They are both pretty cool, with my favourite being the Diana F+ CMYK – I don’t know much about camera’s but i heart the colourway and the whole retro look!


Diana F+ CMYK

(Diana F+ CMYK , strangely pronounced “Eff Plus Smeek”)


(Pentax K-x)


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