Hu2 Vinyl Stickers

I stumbled across this website whilst at work today and thought it rather cool, Hu2 produces quirky high quality vinyl stickers in exclusive designs which can be used on any smooth flat surface such as windows, mirrors, doors, floors, fridges and walls…and best of all, they can be applied and removed without leaving any marks or residue on the surface, which makes me want them even more as I am renting out an apartment and can’t any pictures up etc (pffft). Hu2 make stickers for every room in the house, as well as for on your laptop in an array of different colours, the website really is worth having a look at – There are loadssss I want, a few of my favourites are shown below:

 Sticker - 1

 Sticker - 2

Sticker - 3

Sticker - 4

Sticker - 5

I really want the Birdcage sticker for in my living room and the ‘not to be forgotten’ one for next to my front door…ooo and how cute is the mouse hole one, I guess I know what my wages are going to go on when I get paid on Friday 🙂


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