Ghosts in the Wood Exhibition

The ‘Ghosts in the Wood’ is an exhibition by photographer Mike Smallcombe, which I learned about from my good friend Lucie who visited it last weekend at Grizedale Forrest in the Lake District. The exhibition is of giant 8ft x 6ft  photographs which are suspended high up in the tree’s…a pretty unusual way to display your photographs i’m sure you will agree, but by looking at the photographs which Lucie took, they really are breathtaking! Mike Smallcombe talks of his exhibition saying –  “Ghosts in the Wood features images of imagined stories of local people in rural settings that reflect the harsh realities of country life. They also reflect the need of the imagination to flourish through myth and altered image.”

The exhibition has also been staged in Northumberland and Devon and is on until November 6th at Grizedale Forrest…why do all the cool things happen when I move away from the Lake District!? More photographers should follow Smallcombe’s example and display their work in outdoor locations and other interesting ways!

Check out more of Lucie’s photograph’s from the exhibition at


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