Liberty’s SHOWstudio

As part of Liberty’s SHOWstudio comes  the ‘Taking More Liberty’s’ project – a camera has been set-up in the window of London’s Liberty store and passers-by are asked to touch the sensor on the window and then given approximately 5 seconds to get ready for their photograph to be taken. All of the photo’s are then uploaded live to be showcased as part of SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution at Somerset House and online at The main aim of the photograph is to show your unique sense of personal style, which will be then judged by Gareth Pugh…with the winner receiving £500 in Liberty vouchers.


(Image above from –

Some of my favourite pics taken:

SHOWstudio 1

SHOWstudio 2 SHOWstudio 3

SHOWstudio 4

SHOWstudio 5


Most of the photographs taken aren’t really ‘fashion shots’ and there is a lack of actual clothing images…they are mainly just people having a bit of fun and a selection of surveillance camera style images, so it will probably be hard to choose a winner, however, it really is worth going on the site and having a browse through the images 🙂 –



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