Orange Monkey Holograms Gig

While I was in Manchester City Centre today I spotted this in the Arndale, it’s a new idea from Orange to promote their Monkey pay-as-you go sim card. The ‘Monkey’ is Orange’s first ever pay-as-you go package that offers free music to customers and provides a whole new music experience both online and on their mobiles – in collaboration with 4 Music. So to promote this they have set up hologram gigs all over the country and to be honest, they are actually pretty cool! The hologram box features ‘gigs’ from N-Dubz, Pixie Lott and Tinchy Stryder and the quality of each one is amazing; both sound-wise and visually. In between each artist there is a count down on the screen until the next viewing aswell as other quirky holograms such as a guy testing out the sound and people bringing some set onto stage. There are also people handing out free sim cards to passers-by! Here are some snaps which I took:

Hologram Gig 1

Hologram Gig - 2

Hologram Gigs - 3

Hologram Gig - 4


Aswell as the Hologram Gig Box there are also live gigs from the artists themselves – tomorrow Pixie Lott and N-Dubs will be playing in the Manchester Arndale free of charge for shoppers! This really is a good form of promotion from Orange, not only is it totally relevant to what they are actually trying to promote, it attracts loads of attention and is pretty damn cool, don’t you think?! For more info visit


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