Robert Bradford

Robert Bradford is a London-born visual artist who has trained in both the UK and America and in 2002 he started to consider the possibilities that his children’s forgotten toys could have a part of something bigger, Bradford states that he see’s  himself a bit like a mad scientist trying to create life/ bring things to life. His work over the past several years has usually incorporated elements from his immediate environment, everything from whole books magazines and twigs collaged into paintings to scrap building timber furniture and tree waste into sculptures and in the case of the images below – children’s toys and clothes pegs. Some of the sculptures contain pieces from up to 3,000 toys and sell for £12,000.

Dark Sniff

Dark Sniff – Toys on Wood

Terrierist 2 for Italy

Terrierist 2 for Italy – Toys and Pegs on Wood

Power Angel of Life

Power Angel of Life – Toys and Pegs on Wood


For more info on Robert Bradford vist his website –, or to see some really bold imagery of a few of these pics visit –



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