Marc Lüdgers

Marc Lüdgers is a photographer and painter from Germany who is known as a ‘photopicturen’ – somebody whose style of painting deceives the eye to such an extent that painted objects are mistaken for the real depicted objects! He is influenced by graffiti, urban art, street style and contemporary living and never uses Photoshop to aid with his designs. Lüders’ painted “additions” seem to become a natural part of the image…like they are just meant to be there, this is done due to fact that another level of reality is present in the images, especially with the painted shadows. My favourite one’s are with people painted on to the pictures, on my first look at his work I thought it was just a photograph of someone looking at a heavily grafitied wall, but after reading about the artist I realised wasnt the case, therefore, he is succeeding in his aim of deceiving the eye!

Mark Ludgers 1

Mark Ludgers 2

Mark Ludgers 3

Mark Ludgers 4

For more information/images have a look on the artists website –


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