Polaroid Exhibition

I have always been a massive fan of Polaroid and wanted one for ages, but never got around to buying one so was sad last year when the Polaroid Corporation stopped producing its iconic film. There are quite a few of the camera’s about on eBay but 99% of the film is out of date and the last batch of film made has a use by date of 9th October 2009…two days away 😦 To mark this occasion London’s Atlas Gallery is hosting a Polaroid Exhibition which will feature Polaroid pictures by some of the biggest names in Photography! Amongst the images there is a Polaroid by David Bailey of his son Fenton, a Helmut Newton fashion shot taken in 1981 and an Andy Warhol self-portrait! Below are a few Polaroids from the exhibition:


David Bailey(Fenton Bailey by David Bailey, 2005)

Andy Warhol

(Andy Warhol, Self Portrait in Fright Wig, 1986)


(Helmut Newton, Sylvia in my Studio, Paris, 1981)

Mark Quinn

(Mark Quinn, 2008)


Since the Polaroid Corporation stopped producing the film and making the camera’s they have brought out the PoGo, a digital instant print camera, even though this is the modern take on the classic Polaroid, I don’t think it will ever make up for the old Polaroid as one of the main appeal’s of it was the film itself!! The Polaroid Exhibition at London’s Atlas Gallery is on from 9th October – 28th November! Visit the Gallery’s website – www.atlasgallery.com


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