Guerilla Advertising

I am a hugeee fan of guerilla advertising and believe that its something a lot more companies should do to attract their intended target market, especially a younger consumer, as even the most boring of companies can be made ‘cool’ and attract a lot of brand awareness. Loadsss of companies are doing it these days, and some of my fave’s are shown below:

Burger King Promotion:

guerilla marketing

guerilla marketing

A billboard advertisement for vacuum cleaners:


Seafood Restaurant Promotion:


Anti-Smoking Sticker Ad:



Guerrilla Advertising - Creative Attention Seeking - Nikon

Quicksilver Halfpipe Bus stop:

guerilla marketingguerilla marketing

Mini Advert in men’s toilets:mini


These are only a few of my favourite guerilla marketing ad’s, I pretty much like every single one out there, to see more just go on Google or Flickr, there are loads about…and hopefully lots more to come 🙂


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