Wagamama T-Shirt Competition

The Japanese noodle restaurant chain Wagamama has launched its new competition to design their staff t-shirts in rather quirky and eye-catching way! On the 1st October the event organisers, Intercity, set up a huge three-sided 7 foot high t-shirt shaped installation in London’s Spitalfields market and got three illustrators; Adam Hayes, Billie Jean and ContainerPLUS to design a side each in order to promote the competition! The competition itself, called Positive Design,  is aimed at students and young professionals, so this type of promotion is the perfect way of targeting them, not only does it not cost loads of money, it gains a lot of attention from passers by who may not already be familiar with the brand and is a hell of a lot better than just a banner ad on the Wagamama website! Part of the first prize is a work placement with ContainerPLUS…so it really is worth giving it a go – http://www.wagamama.com/positivedesign


Wagamamma's Tee - 1

Billie Jean’s Design:Wagamamma's Tee - 2

Adam Hayes’ Design:Wagamamma's Tee - 3

ContainerPLUS design: (my fave!!)Wagamamma's Tee - 4

To sum it up, I think this is such a good way to promote a design competition to the intended target market of students and young professionals, as im sure it got loads of attention and saw competition entries rise dramatically! The only thing I would probably suggest that they did differently would be to involve passers-by too, perhaps by having a second installation which could be doodled on by them 🙂


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