Punch Camera

 Matty Martin –  who lives in San Francisco and studied industrial design at CCA has invented this pretty cool camera..The Punch Camera, which made an appearance at the Intel University Design Expo. The camera’s USP is that it takes regular digital images but allows its users to physically punch a rasterized image of their photo onto any type of paper by manually punching the camera without the use of ink, film or photo development, the punched image then gives information which can connect its users to the digital gallery. Even thought this doesn’t give a high definition photo quality image which most consumers want these days, it is still a pretty unique and new idea which creates a pretty ‘arty’ image.

The image is created onto the paper by punching the camera which aligns a set of pins and then uses the force of the user to perforate a regular piece of paper, the designer, Matty Martin states – “I wanted to allow users to create a hardcopy image but minimize the use of inks and paper cartridges so I was inspired to use the negative space of a regular piece of paper”. I really like this idea as many people nowadays have no hard copies of photographs, they are all saved on their computers, usb’s or facebook, photographs need to be brought back…especially the Polaroid (at a cheaper price than what Urban Outfitters is selling it at) I heart them and want one rather badly!



Visit: http://www.coroflot.com/public/individual_set.asp?from_url=true&set_id=327969&individual_id=258968 for more pics and other work from Matty Martin 🙂


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