H&M to Launch Website

With pretty much every high street and designer brand having their own transactional website H&M have been behind the trend for quite a few years now, even though they do have their own non transactional website which has an Online Magazine, Style Guide, Top 5, Interactive Fashion Studio and sooo much more (www.hm.com). There is no doubt that their transactional website will be rather cool, especially if the incorporate many aspects which they already have on the current website…their Interactive Fashion Studio would be a massive selling point giving consumers the opportunity to outfit build before actually purchasing, a definate sales driver! Other features which would work well are trend divided areas like they already do on their ‘Style Guide’, quirky product descriptions with outfit suggestions, high quality invisable mannequin images with a 360 degrees rotate, behind the scenes photoshoot video’s and fashion tips!

However H&M do their new website it will be a definate success, so far this year H&M has opened 85 stores and closed nine, with the total now numbering 1,840, of which 31 are franchise outlets! Even though this amount of stores mean that many consumers have a H&M close to them anyways and may not need to shop online, the same could be said about Topshop/New Look yet look how successful their websites are, it will work especially well with the brands designer collaborations…with a Jimmy Choo team-up and recent news of  French fashion veteran Sonia Rykiel to design a range of lingerie and related accessories to be launched on December 5…the site will thrive with consumers looking for their share in a piece of high-end designers at a high street price! There is no current news of when the site is expected to launch. but hopefully it will be rather soon!

The clothes would look cool displayed like this on the transactional website, the mannequin is cool and quirky and fits in well with the brand, would work well if they had images of the item on an invisable mannequin for some shots and then teamed up with other items like below, as it would show what the consumer could wear with the item of clothing, therefore not only making the top/dress etc they are looking at more appealing, but driving sales in the items which are teamed with it!!!



H&M Fashion Studio…this would work really really well on their transactional website for both men and women, you choose you model, your clothes and your accessories with each item displaying the price, the graphics are really good and the whole application works quickly and easily! More sites need to use stuff like this as all consumers like abit of interaction, especially when shopping, and not many online fashion sites provide that.


Anyways, that’s my own personal analysis on what the H&M website may and should look, it will probibly be nothing like how I have said but oh well, im sure it will be rather cool however they design it and their e-commerce merchandising team merchandise it.


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