The V&A Finishing School Experience

This was my final campaign project at University (which I graduated from in July 2009 with a 2:1 woo) where the brief was to create a new product or service for an existing brand. I came up with the idea of a Finishing School course which will be held at The Victoria and Albert Museum called The Finishing School Experience. This service is targeted at females aged 18-27, belonging to social class ABC1 and are students, graduates or young professionals. The Finishing School course is intended to be ran over a couple of days and will incorporate a range of skills and lessons including elocution, etiquette and basic cooking and sewing skills.

I wanted this course to attract a new, trendier market to Finishing Schools and to make etiquette, good manners, and ‘old fashioned skills’ cool again. With the revival and reinvention of old trends, why not the re-invention of The Finishing School. The promotional imagery and photoshoot has a 1940’s feel to attract attention from the intended target market.

Main image - A3



Banner Promotion outside the Victoria and Albert Museum:

Rotating Door Promotion at V&A entrance: this is the before and after promotional doors at the V&A, as the rotating door spins around it will give the perception of the change process which a consumer goes through by attending the course. The first picture shows the ‘before’ graphic -the target market consumer for the service before attending the Finishing School Experience. The second image shows the ‘after’ graphic – the intended effect of the consumer on leaving the experience.


Bus and Taxi Promotion:


Final Stand at University:

Final Uni Stand

Final Uni Stand 1


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