Eco Advertising

With today’s consumer becoming more and more environmentally conscious the form of advertising companies use to promote their products needs to follow this trend, and many are succesfully achieving this and being creative and imaginative at the same time!

This campaign from is promoting the Fiat 500 C and is situated on Milan’s world-famous fashion street – Montenapoleone! Fiat had 20 fiberglass replicas of the car made and turned into planters for selection of real tree’s. The campaign is a collaboration between the City of Milan, Fiat, and artist-designer Fabio Novembre.

 ‘In Novembre’s words, his solution to merge into one object trees and cars, two elements always vying for urban space, is a “symbol of a new way of living.” According to Fiat’s spokespeople, Fiat 500 C’s cheerful, friendly, innovative and eco-friendly character is a perfect fit for such an undertaking. – Tuija Seipell’ (

Levi’s Eco Jeans campaign – “With Levi’s Eco, consumers who seek to minimize their personal impact on the environment can choose jeans that demand less from the environment without forfeiting the style or quality they’ve come to expect from the Levi’s brand.” (Daily Mail). The image below fits in perfectly with the brands current image and campaigns, with a slight change in colour to the Levi’s logo to echo thier eco/green appeal and isn’t overly pushing the fact that they are environmentally friendly in the consumers face, something which alot of companies needs to take into consideration with their promotional techniques.



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